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Why I’m Attacking Trump


If I may be serious for just a moment, I’d like to state some things for the record.

  1. Though I use humor here, nothing about Trump’s candidacy is funny. I’m making light of the man because it’s the only way I can think of to dispel his┬ádarkness.
  2. Donald Trump is a human being who deserves the respect due to all of us. I look forward to the time when he stops threatening others, especially those with the least power, and I can go on blissfully wishing him nothing but happiness and success.
  3. If you happen to like Trump, the man and the candidate, we can still be friends. If I had had your experiences, I might feel the same way. If you had my experiences, you might of made a website making fun of Donald Trump.
  4. I started this section of my website because I’ve always wondered what I would’ve done in the face of a rise of a fascist. Would I have joined in the madness because it was easier than owning to the hard work that comes with real democratic solutions to life’s problems? Or would I have just stayed quiet because it was the safest course? Maybe, but I like to think I would’ve poked the bear.

Thanks for bearing with me. Here’s to hoping for better times ahead.

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2 Comments on “Why I’m Attacking Trump

  1. Shawn Kessler
    March 18, 2016

    I’m having my own person assualt on Trump as well.

    • Daniel
      March 18, 2016


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