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Where We’ve Gone Wrong with Political Correctness

In the summer of 2015, the party that brought us Lincoln gave us Donald Trump–the horrible straight-to-DVD sequel of something that was once worth our time. This piece of reality-TV-catchphrase … Continue reading

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Modesty Is Under Attack, but Not by Miniskirts

Modesty is not about how much of your body you cover up, it’s about how you choose to reveal yourself to the world.

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Beard Talk

People talk to me about my beard everyday. That’s really, really weird.     It’s weird because, unlike others, I can’t even see my beard, so I (apparently) think about … Continue reading

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John Oliver shows how ridiculous Mr. Trump’s wall idea is. Of course, everyone capable of knowing that it’s a really bad idea probably instantly knew it was a bad idea, … Continue reading

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Trump Notes: Your Racist Uncle

America’s best, brightest, or most dedicated write letters sharing their support for Donald Trump…   Further readings about high school dropouts support Trump. Read about David Duke’s support for Trump here.

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Trump World View

Think Trump is clueless when it comes to foreign policy? Think again. This guy knows the world like he knows the back of his stubby hand.     See the … Continue reading

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Washington Post: Donald Trump Defends World’s Bullies

“By now, many people who remain haunted by the horrific slaughter of protesters in 1989 in Tiananmen Square have expressed shock and disgust at Donald Trump’s outrageous characterization of that … Continue reading

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Trump Juxtaposed: Mexico

When you look at Trump quotes coming from the world’s greatest speakers, it’s obvious that Donald really does have “all the best words.”      

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Where Are All Trump’s Best Words?

“The one thing [Trump] DIDN’T inherit from his daddy was a thesaurus.” When Trump tries to attack a man with who has an actual intellect, as opposed to an insecure over-assurance … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Seth Meyers Roasts Trump

See The Donald turn to stone as Seth Meyers carves him up.

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VIDEO: John Oliver Takes Apart Trump

John Oliver blows apart the Trump myth, even the Trump name in this video. It’s as funny as it is informative and sad. Turns out candidate Trump is no tough guy, … Continue reading

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Why I’m Attacking Trump

If I may be serious for just a moment, I’d like to state some things for the record. Though I use humor here, nothing about Trump’s candidacy is funny. I’m … Continue reading

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Trump Roast: Smear Campaign

    I’m not saying this guy is unintelligent or anything, but the only bright thing I’ve seen on his mind is his hair. (And he’s even losing that.)   … Continue reading

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Trump Notes: Classy Like Vegas

Americans sharing their support for The Donald…

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Trump Roast: Morally Bankrupt

It’s an old fashioned comedy roast featuring Donald Trump, a man who can obviously take a joke… I’ll tell you folks, Donald Trump’s hair is so awful, people are starting … Continue reading

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Trump Juxtaposed: All the Best Words

To show that Donald Trump is obviously one of the greatest speakers of this, or any, generation, we’ve paired some of his more memorable quotes with some of history’s best … Continue reading

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Advertising & The Great Copy Debate

THE WAR For those not familiar with the short vs. long copy debate, allow me to succinctly (and hopefully not too inaccurately) sum up the issue. The argument for short … Continue reading

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Notes from a Mental Hospital

Last night they took away my shoelaces. It’s morning now. A man down the hall is yelling. “Give me my shoes back!” His wailing wakes me. A patient answer comes … Continue reading

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  I just saw the new Star Wars trailer and I’m freaking out! I can’t believe it! It looks so good!

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Let the Heart Rule the Headlines

These aren’t headlines. These are just things I really, really wish were headlines.   “Orinn Hatch Thinks He’s People”     CEO Apologizes for Racist Remarks: “I didn’t realize things I … Continue reading

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Correct-A-Meme: Fake Quotes Serving the Truth

For some reason people cannot be bothered to search the internet to see if their too-good-to-be-true quote is fake. (It probably is.) No need to send them the real quote … Continue reading

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On Working with Humans: Applications & Resumes

I’ve been working among humans for decades, and I’ve learned a thing or two. (For instance, they like bosses to have an open door, but hate it if you leave … Continue reading

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The New Age: How Old You Seem

You are only ten questions and a bit of arithmetic away from knowing how old you seem to the world around you!

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A Lark’s Sad Song

This was going to be more fun than the bird had hoped. “Well, devil… Or should I call you Lucifer?”

“I do not care what you call me now. You will call me master soon enough,” the man replied.

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Debunk that Junk: Cars & Guns

It’s that time again. Another mass shooting has occurred in the only developed nation on earth where mass shootings regularly occur. Not moments later, people start looking for a solution, … Continue reading

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Offended by Miracles: Spared by the Hand of God

There was recently an article in the paper about an upcoming movie, The Cokeville Miracle, and the story of how 154 students and teachers miraculously survived an encounter with a … Continue reading

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Partied Out: What the Utah Legislature Could Learn from Washington and How it Would Affect Our State School Board

At the conclusion of the Revolutionary War King George III asked the American artist Benjamin West what would become of General Washington. West answered, “They say he will return to his … Continue reading

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Shallow Thoughts: Concerning Holiday Regrets

Three shallow thoughts with the theme of holiday regrets.

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Shallow Thoughts: Considering Enunciation

Four shallow thoughts about enunciation . . .

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Serving Time: Where Would Victor Hugo Eat?

My favorite place to eat is the state penitentiary, not in any of the many cafeterias, but just on the other side of the razor-wire and guard-towers there is a … Continue reading

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Rightly Embarrassed: Coming Out of the Conservative Closet

It’s time to come out of the closet: My name is Daniel and I’m a conservative. And having said that, I already feel embarrassed, afraid that friends or neighbors might … Continue reading

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Monkey Business: The New Dictatorial Corporation

“Extra! Extra! Deeply religious, conservative male, troubled by Hobby Lobby opinion!” Yes, I’m very religious, very without a uterus, very often opposed to abortion, and still very troubled by the … Continue reading

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Everything You Really, Really Want to Know About Magnetite

It’s quiet. Too quiet. Even the water falling from the roof of the cave has grown silent. The air is thick, composed of a million eyes watching your every move, … Continue reading

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Words mean different things at different times and places. For instance, if you were hanging out with John Adams in 1776 and said, “Your wig looks awful,” you’d be giving … Continue reading

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Why should I make my own inspiring quotes when I can add to the work of the greats who have gone before. Allow me to stand on the shoulders of … Continue reading

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Hard to Swallow: How John Lost the Election that Mattered Most

I saw in Swallow a Mr. Smith, and I wanted to send him to Washington. But as the weeks went on, eventually the whole campaign felt like the last line from Animal Farm, “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”  Continue Reading…

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The Legendary Sleepy Hollow

This cartoon is pure gold. But I’m not here to convert you. I’m here to share five knowledge nuggets to enhance your viewing pleasure. Next October sit down with your friends or family, and bust these out. People (but probably not women, children, or men) will be really impressed.

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